Emma Daniel is very responsible, insured and fully certified. She would be my choice if I needed Indi to be looked after”  Pam Shaw, Dog Behaviourist.

 "So refreshing to meet a dog walker who respects other walker/owners Emma. Thanks so much for doing so, for limiting the numbers you walk and never allowing them to swamp other owners." From Lynne

“Emma4Walkies is outstanding! Emma has been walking my dog for 5 years. She is wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without her! She gives the dogs a good long walk, leaves a note about what they've been up to. And often shares pics on Facebook. She has NEVER let me down, is always on time and has excellent communication. She is 100% trustworthy and reliable. She is also a lovely person who clearly enjoys dogs and is an expert in their care”  Liz, Nelly’s Owner


“Emma is Mary Poppins for your pets. :) My cats and guinea pigs are so well looked after by Emma and I know they are being looked after by someone who just loves animals and they love her too! Thank you Emma”  Lucy


“Emma has walked my two energetic border collies on a regular basis for several years now. I am delighted with the service she provides and the dogs love her - if we happen to meet when we're out walking they try to go off with her!! The dogs' behaviour when we are out has also improved since Emma has walked with them and she always maintains good control of the pack whilst ensuring that the dogs all have fun and adequate exercise, oh and home made treats!  I have noticed other commercial dog-walkers who do not have such good control, and are more absorbed in their mobile phone, so I would not use another dog-walker” Thanks Emma from Meg, Mollie and Me !


“My dog Benji absolutely loves Emma who walks him for me. It is very reassuring for me to know that her approach to walking other peoples’ pet dogs is safety first. Always. I would rather that than anything else. I trust her completely” Debbie, Benji’s owner


“Our cat has never liked being looked after by other people and used to get very stressed by it. He seems totally happy with Emma. It's great not needing to worry about him when we go on holiday!” Bobby’s owner


"Emma's house and pet sitting service has been invaluable to us on many occasions, from an overnight stay to a one month stay! It's great knowing that we leave our home and all it's inhabitants the three setters, Amber the cat, the 20 chickens and 3 ducks in the capable and trustworthy hands of Emma. It's great knowing our pets get to stay in their own home and for both them and us not to have the stress of kennels. There is also the benefit of the extra security while we are not around.  We love reading the daily report/checklists when we get home....feeding, walking, playtime, bedtime or who has been naughty! Along with all the extras like watering the veg garden, answering the phone, putting out the bins and collecting the mail, it's a great all round service that we are extremely happy with!"   
The Owners of Indie, Darcy, Lottie & Amber

“Stunning Service for Honey, Emma4Walkies has been walking Honey for several years now and she is a godsend. Honey gets so excited when Emma arrives to take Honey out and it is the highlight of her day. I can't recommend Emma's services enough.”

Honey’s Owner PJ

“Emma has been walking Nellie for more than two years now. Nellie loves to see Emma, tail wagging, sits nicely if not quite excitedly, ready for her walk. Emma is kind and responsible...reliable and always leaves a note to let me know how the walk went. The best testimony though, to Emma's care of Nellie, is that her tail is wagging just as much every time.” Nellie’s Owner Jo