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Services include:
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Dog Walking

Drop In Services

House & Pet Sitting


Dog Walking

  • Full hourís walk, pick up & drop off from your house not included in this hour
  • Walks on the Quantock Hills, Neroche Herepath, Tone Riverside & Canalside paths, Blackdown Hills, Long Run Meadows
  • Pack walks are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs to ensure their safety at all times
  • Pick up from the following Taunton areas: Wellsprings, Priorswood,  Holway, Galmington, Comeytrowe, Staplegrove, Bishops Hull, Trull, Blagdon Hill.
  • Discount rates: Book in advance & pay in advance for 10 walks or more and get 10% discount
  • You meet me in advance to ensure that both parties are happy

Benefits to you and your dog:

  • Your dog gets the exercise and mental stimulation it needs
  • You don't feel guilty.  No more rushing around in the morning and dark evenings to take the dog out.
  • No more "who's walking the dog?" arguments.

A dogís walk, ideally should be meaningful and enjoyable for both the dog and the owner, not a chore to get out of the way.  However with our busy modern lifestyles itís not always easy to fulfil this. Making sure your dog has enough exercise is important for its health and behaviour.  If they do not get enough physical and mental stimulation this may lead to bad behaviour such as barking, chewing and digging.

When walking dogs I aim to provide:                    

  • A fun, safe,  structured and disciplined walk as the pack leader

  • A dog that is happy, exercised and drained of
    some of its energy

        On or off the lead?

If you want your dog walked on the lead then I will do so, as long as it is lead-trained and not excessively pulling.  However with your permission I am happy to give dogs the opportunity to run free off the lead, in a safe environment, providing they have a good recall.

Group walks or one-to-one walks?

Most of the E4W walks are as part of a group or pack, dogs enjoy the company of being in a pack and having the stimulation of the other dogs.   As long as your dog is well socialised and not aggressive to other dogs it should be able to join the pack.  If your dog is aggressive or nervous of other dogs then it would be more suitable to a one to one walk with my own dog.

How many dogs are walked at once?

The most dogs Emma4Walkies will walk at once is 4.  This is because I believe this is the maximum number of dogs that can safely and responsibly be walked.  I want to make sure I can keep an eye on where all the dogs are, what they are doing and whether they have just been to the loo and it needs clearing up.  Also I am abiding by the rules and insurance of NARP.

Where are the dogs walked?

I will take your dog to a number of different places in the area; see below some of the places I might take them, so your dog does not get bored with the same old walk.

Quantock Hills                                        
Neroche Herepath
Tone Riverside & Canalside paths
Blackdown Hills
Long Run Meadows
Netherclay Community Woodland

Drop-in Services

 I can be there when you are away on holiday or out for the day and need your pets feeding, or just away for a night and donít want your pets to feel abandoned; I can be there when you cannot.

  • Feeding animals                                                       
  • You meet me in advance to ensure that both parties are happy
  • Let into garden
  • Puppies, Cats & Small Animals
  • Making house look lived in: move post or bins, open curtains etc
  • Within 2 miles of my base in Taunton.
  • Drop in Service from £6 for up to 20mins
  • This service only covers Taunton

Benefits to you and your pets:

  • Not having to relay on the good will of a neighbour or friend to feed your pets when you are away over night
  • Your house looked lived in when youríre away
  • Cuddle and company for your pet when you are not there

Please note Emma4Walkies will not drop in to look after dogs if they are being left home alone overnight. However I can drop in if your dog is left alone in the daytime with the owner coming home in the evening.

What pets are cared for?

Emma4Walkies can offer care in your home for your pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits. rodents and most other small domestic pets, including exotics and small holder livestock. Providing company, cuddles, feeding or toileting. I can certainly help you with this and would be pleased to discuss any specific requirements, such as medication etc.

House & Pet Sitting

  • Rates from £30 a night  (for up to 2 dogs and 2 cats)
  • More than 2 dogs and 2 cats extra animal supplement
  • You meet me in advance to ensure that both parties are happy
  • Inc 1 hours dog walk or 2x Ĺ hour walk
  • This service only covers Taunton

Benefits to you and your pets:

  • Your pets remain in their familiar surroundings maintaining all routines, with added loving companionship.

  • Emma4Walkies house sitting and pet sitting service helps reduce security risks.

  • Can work out cheaper than paying for kennels and cattery

Emma4Walkies provides a live in pet sitter staying overnight to care for your home and pets whilst you're away. My professional pet sitting service covers Taunton and offers the best possible solution for your pets while you are away: the chance to stay in their own home and routine. Employing Emma4Walkies to stay overnight offers a less stressful alternative to boarding kennels, home boarding or drop in cover especially for older, ill or rescue pets.

I will also see to the day-to-day upkeep of your property: including telephone answering, moving post, putting out bins and recycling, opening and closing curtains, watering plants and tending the greenhouse.


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