Emma's Ethos

This ethos is the backbone to E4W’s principles before profit beliefs. Emma’s ethos has made a viable business that has been leading responsibly since 2011. It’s great that there is now lots of choice for pet sitting companies in Taunton. E4W hopes you will agree that Emma’s Ethos and reputation makes E4W stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. E4W isn't aiming for biggest pet sitters' turnover.  She'd rather have very high levels of responsibility. It is about quality not quantity.

Dog Walking

  • E4W aims to be a good role model for responsible dog walking to both dog owners and other CDWs

  • E4W respects the sites used to exercise dogs on.  These may be public open spaces, public footpaths on private land or nature reserves.  They are these first not dog parks.

  • E4W encourages the dogs to stay in a frame of mind that makes them easier to control without the need to hype up the dogs’ interest by throwing balls constantly or allowing them to play for the whole hour.  A calm dog is a content and more controllable one and it makes the walk so much more enjoyable too for the dogs and other people.

  • New walking sites are checked for suitability before taking a group walk there

  • E4W will not cash in and walk large groups of dogs.  Therefore, only a small group of up to 4 dogs are walked at once, those which have been pre-screen for suitability

  • When in a public car park or near roads, E4W will ensure dogs are kept on a lead

  • When loading dogs in and out of the van E4W will ensure that dogs are kept on a lead

  • Will comply with official restrictions about where dogs can go, what they can do and if they are allowed on or off the lead

  • A priority, especially when walking dogs in public areas, is to maintain professionalism, keeping dogs in control at all times, while allowing the dogs their fun time, as well as being considerate to other user groups of public spaces

  • E4W will abide by NARP’s code of conduct.

  • Ensure all dogs walked by E4W wear a collar with E4W identification, loud audible bell and the dog owner's contact details on a tag and ID chip

  • Ensure E4W will have a lead for each of the dogs when walking them.

  • Carry poo bags at all times when walking dogs and clear up after the dogs to ensure they have not fouled the area

  • Carry a small first aid kit at all times when walking a dog

  • Where possible avoid other CDW when walking a group of dogs so there is not a large accumulation of dogs that could intimidate others. This is not to be anti-social to other CDW, but to concentrate on the dogs in E4W care, as well as being considerate to members of the public

Transporting Dogs

  • Have a suitable sized air conditioned vehicle that is adapted for transporting dogs in safety and comfort.  The vehicle will have windows so dogs are not cooped up in the dark. E4W will not put dogs loose on front seat or in the boot of a vehicle.

  • The comfort and welfare of dogs is paramount so each dog will get is own person space, in roomy individual crates so they can lie down and relax after a walk. E4W may sometimes transport dogs from same household in the same crate if there is ample room.  

  • Always have water and a large first aid kit on board the vehicle

Home Visits (feeding & comfort breaks)

  • For welfare reasons E4W can only visits pets in their home if they get a daily visit by someone who either is the pet sitter or another person known by the owner

  • For welfare reasons E4W will not care for dogs if they are going to be left home alone overnight.