Dog Walking


There are two E4W group walks available on weekdays around lunchtime, one is late morning and the second one is early afternoons, with a maximum of four dogs on each walk. The rest of the day is kept clear for other ad-hoc pet sitting duties 

Why should you let E4W walk your dog?

·         Value for money competitive rates and with group walks from only £9.50!

·         Registered & Insured Dog Walker

·         Emma’s Ethos

·         Free meal for your dog every tenth walk

·         Small groups of calm dogs are walked,
      limited to a maximum of 4 dogs

·         Discount rates: 5% discounts for prompt
      BACs payments

·         Full hour’s walk, with the pick up & drop off either side, meaning dogs being away
      from their homes for up to two hours

·         E4W respects the sites they use to exercise dogs on as well as other people who
      use them, see
E4W story for more info

·         Safe transport to their walks with secure individual crates in a van with air-con

·         Small groups also mean less time cooped up in the van collecting other dogs and
      more time in the fresh air.

·         Dog First Aider


On or off the lead walks?

If you want your dog walked on the lead then E4W will do so, but it must lead-trained and must not excessively pull.  However, providing they have a good enough recall for E4W and with your permission, E4W is happy to give dogs the opportunity to run free off the lead, in a safe & appropriate environment.

“Emma has walked my two energetic border collies on a regular basis for several years now. I am delighted with the service she provides and the dogs love her - if we happen to meet when we're out walking they try to go off with her!! The dogs' behaviour when we are out has also improved since Emma has walked with them and she always maintains good control of the pack whilst ensuring that the dogs all have fun and adequate exercise, oh and home made treats!  I have noticed other commercial dog-walkers who do not have such good control, and are more absorbed in their mobile phone, so I would not use another dog-walker” Thanks Emma from Meg, Mollie and Me !