About Emma4walkies

Emma Daniel first started pet sitting in 2005 when she helped by house sitting Boris the greyhound, before establishing E4W in June 2011. 
She provides a local, personal and friendly service. E4W is often wearing a flat cap and drives a dark blue van.

Her ethos and logos are the E4W brand which helped build a reputable viable award winning pet business. Proudly putting principles before profit with Emmaís Ethos, E4W has no plans to cash in walking large groups dogs or charging more than the competitive rates in Taunton.

Emma takes pride in running Emma4Walkies primarily with the petís safety and interest being most important, whilst adhering to local and national government recommendations concerning the care of pets and their welfare.

E4W is not an employee of a local company or national company. Neither is it part of a franchise and it also does not employ staff. Therefore, it does not have staff or franchise overhead costs, that are passed on in higher rates to clients. You will deal with the same person every time, who cares as much about the human customers as she does about her four-legged or feathered ones. 

Emmaís Story

ďI care for the pets I'm paid to look after, as if they were my own. I have been brought up with dogs, rabbits and other small animals."

Having 25+ years of experience in Animal Care & Countryside Management. I qualified with a National Diploma in Animal Care back in 1993, studying full time for two years, rather than participating in one of these one day £30 online courses.  I then studied full time for 3 years to gain a Higher National Diploma in Countryside Management in 1996.

As result of my previous careers, Iím very passionate about looking out for the sites that are used by dog walkers, both private dog owners and other commercial dog walkers, by encouraging others to respect the sites on which the dogs are exercised.

I have worked in Nature Conservation and Countryside Management for 15+ years. I also have farm livestock experience regularly helping at my friendís farm a few weekends each year as well as working on another farm for 6 months full time.


I was a Special Constable with Avon & Somerset Police from 2010 to 2014 so your pets and homes are in extra safe hands.